Wellington Waterfront

Sunrise, as seen from the Waterfront

The Wellington Waterfront is one of the main attractions of this lovely city.  It’s a very busy area because, not only do office workers take this route to get to and/or from the train station, it’s quite popular with the athletic types – there’s always some runners and a bikers around around, swimmers too during summer – and with tourists. It’s not uncommon to see someone with a camera taking photos of the beautiful harbour or the glorious sunset (or sunrise).

But there’s more to the Waterfront than the spectacular harbour views. I was once asked to take photos of ordinary, random things that people often overlook at the waterfront – and I managed to get a lot of beautiful images. You can see these in my portfolio.

So, the next time you find yourself meandering about the Waterfront, try to peel your eyes away from the obviously beautiful vista and, look around – there are other things that are just as beautiful and just as interesting that you appreciate.

Note: Same photos and a bit of text are also posted in my personal blog.

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