My 1st Wedding

My 1st ever wedding photoshoot happened in February 2012. I knew the bride, A from work, and sometime in late 2011, she asked me to cover her big day. I was thrilled that she asked me – and was more than happy to take on the project.

The wedding was held at Rangiputa Beach way up in Kaitaia – a place I’ve never been to before. So to prepare for the big day, I dragged another friend of mine up North for a weekend, just so I could have a look at the place; get a feel of the travel distances; and mentally prepare myself for the task at hand.

The beach was lovely (as you can see in the image below) and quite easily accessible from where I would be staying. We (my friend and I) drove around much of that weekend, and I took a few “test photos”. It was a long and tiring weekend, but it was worth the trip. I now knew what was necessary to make sure the photoshoot went well.

Rangiputa Beach
Rangiputa Beach

The weekend of S&A’s wedding was perfect. We (myself and a 2nd photographer) started shooting at about 10 in the morning and left the festivities almost well into the evening. We covered every aspect of the wedding day, from the time A was being done up until just after the cake-cutting ceremony. It was a long day, but I think the photos were quite lovely. The couple celebrated their anniversary quite recently and I saw that A used one of the wedding photos I took as the main image for her Facebook Post. That made my day. 🙂

Anyway, some of S&A’s wedding photos are in my wedding portfolio. You can have a look by clicking here.

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