While cleaning out / organising my external drive, I chanced upon a folder called “1st D50 Pics” which obviously contained SOME of my first photos using the D50. I say some because I filed the rest in random folders, some of these I’m re-discovering now. Anyway, of the images that were there, these are the three I liked the most.

These were taken in August 2005 – while this was not the first time I’ve used a digital camera (I had point and shoots prior to 2005) – that year would have been when I purchased my very first Digital SLR.

Fourteen years on, while I no longer have the D50 (and concomitant lenses), I still have my DSLRs (I now have two – a Nikon D7000 and a Nikon D750) which I use for projects. My go-to-camera when travelling is my Fuji X-T10 – smaller and bit easier to carry. I had my D7000 whilst roaming around Europe and I swear my arm just about detached itself from my shoulder. My everyday “always-in-my-bag” camera is Canon GX9.

I may have changed cameras but I think my style of photography has remained fairly unchanged. I still prefer natural images – I still don’t over process my photos, and still don’t rely a whole lot on photo-editing software and other gimmickry (although I admit, I did go through a “spot colour” phase – which makes me kinda cringe).

Mind you, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to improve on my craft … I DO! There are a lot of amazing new techniques – that won’t look to cliche in a decade – that I’m eager to try out. What I meant was, if a couple whose wedding photos I’ve taken looks at their photos when at their 30th anniversary, I don’t want say “oh my god, what was our photographer thinking and why did we agree to this?“. I’d rather that they say “These photos brings back so many memories … remember when …” – am I making sense? I think I am, but I may not be.

Anyway, here are three more recent photos. These were taken using the D750 on 20th February at Pukeiti Park in New Plymouth.