Tūpare Garden Flowers

I don’t normally work on Wednesdays and I usually stay at home to do household chores. Today, however, I decided to forget about the laundry and venture off into the unknown (well, it’s not really unknown, the place I went to is just about 6 km from where I live).

I’ve heard so much about Tūpare, it’s one of the many gardens found in the Taranaki area, so I figured, there’s no better day than today to see what it’s like. When I got there, let’s just say – I was NOT disappointed.

It was an amazing place – well maintained, tranquil and serene, and so full of history. The paths were clearly marked and lined with Rhododendrons. There were a lot of flowering plants however, not all of them were in bloom because well – we’re already in the tail end of autumn – most of the flowering plants have begun to hibernate for the winter.

I had my camera and 50mm lens with me so I set myself up to take photos. It started to drizzle while I was there – which was good, because the flowers (and the spider web) had lovely water droplets that made everything look so … fresh and delicate.

Photos from my little excursion, below.

Will definitely visit Tūpare again – to explore some more, and take more photos.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!