Signed, Sealed … Soon to be Delivered

Two months ago, I offered to take the individual and class photos of the children at one of New Plymouth’s local kindergartens, and thankfully, my offer was accepted. So last month, a few weeks before the children went on their school holidays, I lugged around my camera and took photos of the cheeky children at the Kindergarten.

Class Photos Order Form.jpg
Class Photos Order Form

I had a look at the photos after the session and was quite pleased with the results. There were, of course, a few kids who didn’t want to smile (or felt uncomfortable smiling) or kids who didn’t want to look at the camera – but no issue really. They were just kids being kids and yet, I managed to get a few good photos.

So the photos have been edited – just minor tweaks (straightening horizons, adjusting brightness, cropping), printed and packaged up nicely in a brown bag. These are ready to be distributed to the parents this coming Monday, 22nd July 2019 – the first day of Term 3. I’m excited for the parents. I’m looking forward to seeing the joy on their faces, when they see photos of their little darlings.

Sadly, I can’t share these here … at least not yet. I haven’t asked permission yet and I don’t want to jump the gun and post images of the kids even before the parents have seen the photos. Just not right. If some of them don’t mind sharing their child’s photos on the internet, I’ll upload them here.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping my proposal sent to another Kindergarten is accepted. Wish me luck!