I’m glad you stumbled upon my site.

As you can see, there isn’t a lot here yet but that’s because I’ve only recently (January 2019) decided to bite the bullet and make my photography a bit more formal. I have always been interested in photography and have been taking on photographic assignments and projects, on-and-off, since about 2006.

When I take pictures, I do my best to make sure that when I press the shutter, the image I’ve taken is the one I want. I don’t over process my photos. I believe if you take good photos from the start, you don’t need to post-process these to death to make the final image look good.

I’m not big on retouching images. I won’t airbrush or remove any “blemishes” or imperfections. I may remove a stray strand of hair or two but I will not change how you look.

I love colour, and I love to experiment on and use new techniques. There are a few that I’m eager to perfect – you’ll see posts of these experiments here.

I maintain two sites (see below), so if you see cross-posts – it’s okay. The text and images from mysorefeet are mine.

  • Viv Phillips – this one, focused mainly on my photography endeavours
  • My Sore Feet – this used to be my travel blog but, since I no longer travel as much as I used to, it’s now become a depository of a hodgepodge of entries (gardening, tramping, photography – you name it, it’s probably there).

I have a full-time office job in the City, but that doesn’t mean I can’t accept weekday projects. Have a chat with me and we’ll see what arrangements we can make.

I respect your privacy. Although I understand that the photography business relies on visual promotion, I will not post your photos on the internet (this website or other social media) without your permission.