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"Photography is the story I fail to put into words."

Destin Sparks

Workshop @ WOMAD
The World of Music, Arts, and Dance, also known as WOMAD, is a three-day festival held yearly in the coastal city of New Plymouth. WOMAD attracts people
The Delightful Mr. D
I love capturing the images of children (which is why I do a lot of kindergarten photos) but sometimes, it can be quite challenging.  Take The Delightful Mr
Doe & Jay
‘Love is too beautiful to be hidden in the closet.’ -Unknown Meet Doe and Jay. Doe is a professional dancer and Jay is an ECE teacher
A not so very ordinary girl
Back in the 70's, the band Bread released a song called "Aubrey" and the first verse goes: And Aubrey was her name A not so very ordinary girl
Little Miss E
This is Gorgeous Little Miss E. Last June, I was asked by her mum to cover her 1st birthday party. Mum had someone photograph her first born's birthday
More than just accessories
As a child, I vividly remember wanting to fill my home with beautiful photos of all the places I've been to and of the people I love. I wanted my home